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There’s a real good chance that the person you buy fireworks from isn’t telling you the whole truth. Sadly, they may not even know that they’re lying to you! At PyroSpot, we want to make sure you’re well-versed on spotting Firework B.S.. We’ve also got guides on Fireworks Effects and Firework Safety, so when you get through the PyroSpot University, you’re going to become the Pyro you were born to be!

“Should I drink hard liquor while lighting fireworks, or should I stick to beer?”

“Does it matter which direction I put the mortar in the tube?”

“Can I use sparklers inside my house?”

“Do I¬†really need all 10 fingers?”

Learn the answers to super important Fireworks Questions like these and much more! Click through our sections above to learn more about fireworks, including Firework history, the different types of Firework effects, and Firework Safety tips.