Touch of God

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Touch of Gold is the ultimate blend of beauty and power. This long lasting 119 shot cake features alternating fans of comets with very long gold glittering tails that sweep back and forth across the sky, then a fanned volley of large hard breaking gold strobing palms. A beautiful gold gem. Add to Wishlist36

Hot Blooded

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This 12 shot cake from World Class Fireworks has one of my favorite firing sequences in a 12 shot cake. It fires a singe shot, then a double shot in a “V”, and then a triple shot in a “W” formation. It then repeats the sequence. The breaks are loud and the effects are beautiful. … Read more Hot Blooded


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This amazing finale from Brothers fireworks features a z-shaped volley of multi-colored stars and crackling comet tails to shots of red tails to red palms and crackling, then multi-colored stars and silver whistling tails to three-shot finale of silver tails to crackling. It big, loud, and impressive, with 204 shots of fantastic pyro! Add to … Read more Midnight

Armed Forces

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These new cakes from World Class Fireworks come in six different flavors, each having the same firing sequence, but with different colors in each cake. The cakes all feature 12 shots of BIG and LOUD breaks, with great colors and effects. Pick your favorite or mix and match. Add to Wishlist14

America’s Glory

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Americas Glory is another staff favorite, firing 7 shots at a time in a wide spread. It’s got beautiful mines, crackling comets, and big breaks in each volley. Another great angled cake that the crowd will love. Add to Wishlist11

Inferno Punch

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This 16 shot beauty delivers amazing shots of color stars dahlia with white glitter mines. The breaks are big and loud, and the glitter mines fill the sky. A fantastic effect in a great 500g cake. Add to Wishlist11

750 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

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This is the big daddy of Saturn Missiles. Featuring 500 shots of whistling rockets that zoom into the sky, one right after another, with crackling and pops. The last 50 shots fire at a quickened pace for a big finish. So large, it actually falls in the 500g category. Add to Wishlist13

United States

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United States was a big hit at the World Class demo when it first premiered, and it’s continued to be a great seller. It’s a rapid fire “Z” cake firing colorful comets interspaced with 5 wide breaks of Palms and Brocades. A perfect patriotic finale to any fireworks show. Add to Wishlist20

Tornado Strike

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Tornado Strike is loud and large, featuring 9 three inch shells that reach more than 250′ into the air before exploding with brocade crown to silver chrysanthemums and green glitter pistil. Add to Wishlist11

Pop a Bang

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This is a 9 shot MONSTER! Easily some of the best and loudest breaks I’ve seen in a 9 shot cake. Effects include Red gold glitter, red green lemon blue glitter, green golden glitter, purple lemon blue orange glitter. Add to Wishlist12

Panda Tai

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They took one of my favorite cakes, Wild Time, and renamed it. I could care less what they call it, as long as I can still get it! It has 24 shots fired slowly in a Z pattern in volleys of 4 shots. The shots have mines and beautiful silver tails, and break into giant … Read more Panda Tai

American Eagle

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This 75 shot Z cake is a red, white, and blue symphony. It starts with a rapid Z pattern of colored pearls with tails and glitter mines. It follow up with a massive white and red mine that reaches more than 75′ into the air. After repeating the two sequences, a 5 massive shot finale … Read more American Eagle