Beyond the Glory

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Taking over the market as one of the classic roman candle packs, this roman candle package comes with a center mount launcher tube and boasts a multitude of effects. When ignited you will see effects like blue and white glitter with a blue tail, a red and white glitter with a blue tail, a silver … Read more Beyond the Glory

Bubble Blaster

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This 240 shot roman candle is a rapid fire good time, featuring multiple effects throughout. Add to Wishlist0


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This 70 shot rapid fire roman candle features gold tails to colored stars.The tails are nice and thick, and look fantastic in the night sky. Add to Wishlist2

5 Ball Roman Candle Assortment

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The World Class Fireworks assortment features 4 of their best jumbo roman candles, each with a different effect. Add to Wishlist0

Viper Spiders

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I love the effects in this roman candle! Instead of packing in a ton of shots, this roman candle features 56 shots of high end effects that I’ve never seen in a roman candle before. The shots include a deep blue sparkler and golden chrysanthemum with gold glitter. It’s an amazing effect when you see … Read more Viper Spiders

Tommy Gun

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The Tommy Gun Roman Candle assortment features some of the best roman candles from Cutting Edge Fireworks. The pack has 8 roman candles and includes a launch tube with spike in the middle of the pack. Roman candles include Double Bang Roman Candle 6 shot (each shot has double flash thunder with green tail), Color … Read more Tommy Gun

Rapid Fire

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These 110 shot roman candles come in three different flavors, with differing effects in each. Another great overloaded roman candle from World Class Fireworks. Add to Wishlist2