Sidewinder Missile

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Up, up and away. By far, the biggest and most unique missile in the industry. This 14″ missile comes complete with a large turbine fin base that helps send this item over 150 feet in the air. Finishes with a report and popcorn crackle finale. Add to Wishlist0

Star Shooter Missile

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This 10″ high quality and well designed plastic missile flies up over 100 feet and bursts to a colorful peony and crackling stars. Each case comes with 16 packs of missiles with 6 pieces in each pack. The Star Shooter has been the one selling missile for four years running. Add to Wishlist1

Savage Missile

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Our Savage missiles fly more than 50′ into the air, and produce big colorful breaks with crackle. A great inexpensive missile from World Class Fireworks. Add to Wishlist1

Tomahawk Missile

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These Tomahawk missiles really deliver for their size, with big hard breaks of red and green sparkles with crackle. Add to Wishlist1