About Us

How We Got Started

My name is Craig LaFleur, and I LOVE fireworks. For years, every time I walked into one of the “Chain Store” or tent locations that normally sell fireworks in Florida, I felt like I was getting ripped off. I was tired of high prices, bogus “discounts”, and scary sales help that had no idea what they were selling. The biggest kick in the pants was that way too often, something I had spent my hard earned cash on turned out to be a “dud”. I deserved better, and so do you.

In 2007, I decided to turn my dream into a reality, and I started Pyrospot Fireworks. After spending more than a year doing research, I opened my fireworks tent. Yes, I know it’s just a tent, but it’s not like any fireworks tent you’ve ever seen before. It’s 3200 square feet of fireworks heaven, where the party, and the insanity, climax on the 4th of July and on New Years Eve.

How We’re Different

Each year, we review over 300 new products from more than a dozen importers and wholesalers, selecting only the best for our inventory. We carry the best name brands and imports, including Brothers, Black Cat, Cannon, Shogun, World Class, FSF, Dominator, and Cutting Edge. We offer Buy 1 Get 1 Free on everything we sell. You can use our touch screen computers to see videos of the fireworks, because we love showing off our stuff. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you pick out exactly what works best for YOU, based on YOUR tastes and needs. We also offer our exclusive “No Dud Guarantee”. If any item purchased from Pyrospot Fireworks doesn’t work, bring it back. We will happily replace it, give you something even better, or refund your purchase. Lastly, we always try to offer the absolute best price on all of our products. If you find a cheaper advertised retail price in Florida for the same item, bring in the ad, and we’ll beat their price. Thanks for taking the time to learn about us.

Better Fireworks, Better Prices, and a “No Dud” Guarantee! Come see us and experience the Pyrospot difference for yourself.

Thank you,
Craig LaFleur
President, Pyrospot Fireworks