Two for the Show

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Two For The Show is a great little assortment for the family! It includes some small novelties like snaps and sparklers for the kids but also has some fountains and aerial effects for the adults. Add to Wishlist7


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America Assortment is an great mid sized package, offering quality Cutting Edge Fountains, 200 Gram Cakes, Sparklers, Saturn Missiles, Tubes, and Artillery Shells. The package includes a good assortment of mid level fountains, smaller 200 gram cakes, a 100 shot Saturn Missile Battery, a #5 & #100 Tube, Sparklers, and two 6 shot Artillery Mortar shells. Definitely … Read more America

Three to get Ready

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Three to Get Ready Assortment has a little of everything! From novelty items like snaps and sparklers to roman candles and Saturn missile batteries, it will be sure to delight everyone at your party. It even includes some smaller aerial effect for a nice little finale. Add to Wishlist3

Stars and Stripes

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Stars and Stripes should be a part of every fireworks celebration. This great little assortment includes everything you need for a great show. Fountains, small cakes and even some artillery will be sure to give everyone something they enjoy. The Stars and Stripes Assortment has smaller fountains and 200 gram cakes, great for when you … Read more Stars and Stripes


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The Rebellion Assortment is our best selling Fireworks assortment, featuring items that will entertain all ages and light up the night sky. The assortment contains sparklers, snaps, ground spinners, some small fountains, more than a dozen small to mid sized 200 gram cakes, two tubes, and a dozen Cutting Edge Artillery shells. A great value … Read more Rebellion

One for the Money

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The One for the Money Assortment is a great little assortment for the family! With a great variety of small ground effect items, it is safe enough for everyone yet offers a lot of excitement. Add to Wishlist5

Laying Down the Law

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The Laying Down the Law Assortment has everything you need for your next celebration. This assortment features World Class & Megabanger products and includes: 25 multi-shot repeaters, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 saturn missile batteries! There are no small novelty items at all in this assortment. This one will keep you going for a LONG time. … Read more Laying Down the Law

Killer Value Assortment

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With more than 100 items to light, the Killer Value Assortment is a big assortment of small items, providing plenty of fun for the kids in your group. The assortment includes ground effects, crackling balls, smoke balls, sparklers, small fountains, snappers, small 200 gram cakes, roman candles, firecrackers, and more! Add to Wishlist5

Incenerator Assortment

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The Incenerator Assortment is the monster, loaded with amazing 200 Gram cakes and 24 Artillery Shells. This beast will impress any group, and keep the applause going for a long time. Add to Wishlist14

Full Power Assortment

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Full Power Assortment is a great assortment with a nice variety of items. With items like poppers and smoke for the kids and fountains and aerial items for the adult, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. The Full Power Assortment includes snappers, smoke bombs, small fountains, Saturn missiles, 200 gram multi shot cakes, and … Read more Full Power Assortment