Storm Chaser

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Storm Chaser is one of our giant 9 shot finales, with 3″ shells that thump as they lift into the air. It’s been one of our standards since it was introduced by Cutting Edge Fireworks. The breaks are symmetrical and huge, rising more than 200 feet into the air before exploding in giant willow effects. … Read more Storm Chaser


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Implode is basically a rewrap of the fantastic Brothers Fireworks “Whacky Tobacky” cake. It was fantastic when Brothers made it, and it’s just as good now. It features 9 shots that reach more than 250′ into the air and end in massive breaks of beautiful gold tails with colored tips. One of my favorite 3″ … Read more Implode


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Bombshell is a great mix of 2″ and 3″ shells, with eight two inch shots and four three inch shots. The breaks from the two inch shells are incredible, and fired one at a time. The final two volleys consist of two three inch shells fired at the same time. A great way to stretch … Read more Bombshell


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Believe is a new 3 Inch Shot Finale from World Class Fireworks. The shots in this 3 Inch cakes travel higher and break louder than any of the other cakes, reaching up to 300′ in the air before erupting in massive breaks. This Finale is clearly a crowd favorite, and it will be one of yours … Read more Believe