Flirting With Greatness

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Flirting with Greatness delivers amazing silver tiger tail bursts into red and purple palm with snow flakes. It’s a beautiful effect from an inexpensive 9 shot cake. Add to Wishlist17

Death Squad

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Death Squad is a fantastic new 200 gram cake from World Class features brocade crown mines to brocade crown breaks. It has a nice four shot finale, with great brocade that really hangs in the sky. Add to Wishlist12


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This 200 gram 16 shot cake packs a punch, with colored mines and big red/green/lemon/skyblue + white glitter breaks. It hard hitting with excellent colors and effects. Add to Wishlist14

300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

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A classic item that has 300 shots of whistling rockets that zoom into the sky, one right after another. The last 20 shots fire at a quickened pace. Always a popular item. Add to Wishlist6

Mighty Cobra

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Mighty cobra is a small 200g cake that delivers 19 shots of crackling comets. I great effect in an inexpensive cake. Add to Wishlist4


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Mafie features 16 high end breaks, with effects and break sizes normally reserved for 500g cakes. The red and gold glitter is beautiful, and the final 4 shot volley fills the sky. Add to Wishlist20


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Hold on to your saddle! Whiplash delivers 10 shots of color changing pearls with white and red glitter. Great effects for an inexpensive cake that you’ll love. Add to Wishlist7

Total Seduction

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Total Seduction blurs the line between 200g and 500g cake. It’s just a hair under the 500g limit, which puts it in the 200g class. You’ll never know it from watching this cake in action. It fires a three shot spread that includes a mine, big colorful breaks on either side, and a third effect … Read more Total Seduction


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This 12 shot beauty looks more like a 500g cake than a 200g cake. The one inch shots are fantastic, with great effects. A great find in a 200g cake. Add to Wishlist13


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USA is everything that the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve is supposed to be, with 16 huge, loud breaks of crackling dragon eggs and brocade. The sky filling six shot finale will please any crowd. Add to Wishlist18


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Stretch has 16 giant shots of Gold Brocade. The breaks are wide and impressive, and the brocade hangs for a long time. Simply beautiful, and a little quieter if noise is a concern for you. The video does not do this cake justice. Add to Wishlist5


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A true Cutting Edge Special, with 9 massive breaks of gold and crackle with glitter. I’ve carried this cake every year since it was introduced, and I like it a little more every year. Add to Wishlist4