’50+ Gram Shells – 150′ breaks

Goliath contains 36 all time favorites, featuring single break ball and canister shells, double break shells, and triple break shells. These are fantastic shells that have been around forever and are always a best seller. There are artillery shells with tails, others with crackle, and some with changing colors. Watch out for the palm trees, chrysanthemums and whirlwinds. This one is loaded with shells that give you two distinct breaks in the air at the same time. You will want to salute the spectacular new triple break, an industry breakthrough that paints the sky with three patterns at one time. A Great Grand Finale!!

The Tubes
The HDPE tubes are a single piece mold that assures optimal conditioning of the mortar for launching and unrivaled safety standards. No cardboard or fiberglass tubes can match the reliability of our mortars. Be wary of competitor’s claims to the contrary. Other kits may use an HDPE tube, but a tube glued or stapled to a base cannot compete with our single piece molded base.

The Shells
The assortment comes with 36 reloadable shells including: 12 singles, 6 doubles, 6 triples, and 12 canisters.

The Goliath contains 36 shells with a wide array of effects:

Silver & Green Glitter
Purple Peony & Crackling Stars
Green & Crackling Stars to Silver & Purple Stars
Blue & Silver Glitter to Purple & Crackling Stars
Green Peony to Red Peony
Blue Peony to Purple Peony
Red & Crackling to Green & Crackling to Blue & Crackling
Green to Silver to Red & Silver to Blue to Silver
Green w/Red Palm to Red w/Green Palm to Blue w/Red Palm
Crackling to Color Chrysanthemum to Silver Glitter
Blue Stars to White Stars to Red Stars
Green Glitter to Golden Glitter to Silver Glitter
Multi Colored Stars
Green Peony
Yellow Peony w/Green Stars
Golden Glitter
Color Chrysanthemum
Crackling Single
Yellow Chrysanthemum
Silver Glitter
Crackling Canister
Jumbo Red Stars
Green Glitter w/Crackling Pistil
Blue Stars w/Crackling Pistil

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