Back Yard Preview

The Back Yard Preview App is available now for FREE in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

The Back Yard Preview app allows you to play the performance video of nearly any World Class, Boomer, and Cutting Edge firework. It’s the perfect app to have on your phone or tablet when shopping for fireworks at Pyrospot Fireworks.

Back Yard Preview

Watch Firework Videos on the New Back Yard Preview App

Download and open the app to begin building your perfect fireworks show.

Once you download the app you will be able to Scan A Product – when selected it will activate the camera on your device.

Then capture the bar code of the firework inside the green box. You will here a beep and the screen will play the product video of the scanned product.

Once the video is complete you can save to Favorites, Watch Again, or Scan Another Product

The Back Yard Preview App is a must have for anyone shopping for fireworks. It’s your chance to see it before you buy it, and become a Back Yard Hero with the perfect firework show.

The power is in your hands!


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