NEW FOR 2016

NEW FOR 2016!

To find our New for 2016 items, we review over 300 new products from more than a dozen importers and wholesalers, selecting only the best for our inventory. We watch hundreds of videos, and travel to Firework demos across this great nation to see new items in person, just to make sure that we carry the best of the best. Amazingly, every year, just when I think we’ve seen it all, we find new items that we just have to have. Welcome to the Class of 2016!

Click on the video of any of our New Items below to see them in action, or click the [> Read More] button to expand the item and see additional details.


AI AI is a fantastic 16 shot cake from World Class. It features one of my favorite effects, a silver ...
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Believe is a new 3 Inch Shot Finale from World Class Fireworks. The shots in our 3 Inch cakes travel higher ...
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Fantasy Fountain ...
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Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real is a new 158 Shot "Z" cake from Cutting Edge rocks! It fires it's multicolor effects in a ...
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Lemonade Fountain ...
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Loyalty is a 28 shot beauty, with impressive effects. Each volley features a mine, a beautiful comet with a thick ...
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Net Warrior

Net Warrior is a 132 shot 500g cake firing in a "Z" pattern. These Z cakes are always a favorite, ...
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Nuke Active

Nuke Active is another of our 9 shot cakes with monstrous 2 inch breaks. The shots are big and booming, ...
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Reign Supreme

Reign Supreme is a fantastic cake from World Class Fireworks featuring one of my favorite rare effects, jellyfish! Watch the ...
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T-Rex is the monster that it should be, and another favorite from the World Class Fireworks demo. It features 47 ...
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Unnecessary BS

Unnecessary BS is a new 24 Shot 500g cake from Cutting Edge Fireworks. I absolutely love the colors and the ...
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