Finale Cakes

  • Net Warrior 500 gram Finale

    Net Warrior

    Net Warrior is a 132 shot 500g cake firing in a “Z” pattern. These Z cakes are always a favorite, and this one is no exception. Firing sequence is: 1-12 rows; pigeon blood and silver mine; skyblue and white glittering […]

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  • Unrestrained Freedom 500 gram finale cake

    Unrestrained Freedom

    Unrestrained Freedom is one of the top three Finale cakes that I sell. Watch the video and I’m sure that you’ll understand why.

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  • Unfair Advantage

    Unfair Advantage

    Unfair Advantage is one of the best 500 gram multi shot cakes I’ve ever seen. Not one of the best cakes I carry, but one of the best cakes I’ve ever seen. Period.

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  • snake charmer

    Snake Charmer

    Snake Charmer is a 60 shot finale cake is very impressive, with the best crackling comets of any cake I carry.

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  • 9MM


    This 9MM Finale cake is a 109 shot beast, and was definitely a crowd favorite at the demo this year. Check out the video. Even better, check it out in person.

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  • Truckin Home 500 gram cake

    Truckin Home

    This 119 shot monster is a long time favorite. Trucking Home is the definition of a “Finale Cake”.

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