• T-Rex 500g cake


    T-Rex is the monster that it should be, and another favorite from the World Class Fireworks demo. It features 47 Shots of Silver whistling tail to red glitter and silver chrysanthemum, silver whistling tail to blue star and silver chrysanthemum, […]

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  • Keeping it Real 500g Cake

    Keeping it Real

    Keeping it Real is a┬ánew 158 Shot “Z” cake from Cutting Edge rocks! It fires it’s multicolor effects in a Z pattern, and then finished with a giant six shot finale spread! The effects include 1:Multi-colorful peony;2:Whistling tail;3:Gold glitter tail […]

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  • Folds of Honor Fountain

    Folds of Honor Fountain

    Together, Pyrospot Fireworks and World Class Fireworks will donate $10 from every Folds of Honor Firework sold to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

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  • Unrestrained Freedom 500 gram finale cake

    Unrestrained Freedom

    Unrestrained Freedom is one of the top three Finale cakes that I sell. Watch the video and I’m sure that you’ll understand why.

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  • Pharaohs fortune 500 gram cake

    Pharaohs Fortune

    The cake is a rewrap of “OpenFire”, the first 500g cake that blew my socks off. THIS CAKE got me into the Fireworks business.

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  • American Wall 200 gram cake

    American Wall

    When I watch the video, it almost looks like a 500 gram cake, yet it’s actually an inexpensive 200 gram cake from Cutting Edge.

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  • Country Boy 500 Gram Cake

    Country Boy

    Easily the most popular cake at the World Class Demo in 2015. The video is more impressive than anything I’m going to say about it. Watch it and see.

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  • Customary Enforcer 500 gram cake

    Customary Enforcer

    Customary Enforcer is a 75 shot beast. You know it’s a great cake when people come back and ask for it by name.

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  • Hot Rod 500 gram cake

    Hot Rod

    You’re going to love this Hot Rod. It fires SEVEN shots at a time, with a great finale that will bring the crowd to its feet.

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  • Mr Bigger 500 gram cake

    Mr Bigger

    I love the mines. I love the crackle. I love the label. I love everything about this cake!

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  • Power Zone 300 gram cake

    Power Zone

    This was our bestselling 200 gram cake last year! It fires three shots at a time in a “W” formation, and really fills the sky.

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  • Pride and Joy

    Pride and Joy

    The baby packs a wallop, and is definitely a Pride and Joy for us. A premium 200 gram cake from Cutting Edge.

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