60 Second Challenge

Win a Pyrospot Shopping Spree and take “THE 60 SECOND CHALLENGE”

Join us in 2017 for your change to win our 60 Second Challenge!


  1. Love your fireworks,it’s the best in florida.Love to win the 1 min shopping spree so I can do a surprise 44th of July party for my father in law 60th birthday party which he also and ex baby man who has done so much,even gave us $5k. Towards to our new house

    • I’d love to see you win. It’s always sweeter when the victory is for family. Good luck tomorrow. Make sure and say hello when you stop by.

  2. I would love a chance to win the shopping spree to surprise my father in law on his 60th birthday which bus on 4th of July and also he did! Who serve our country this could be the biggest gift that I could do for him since he has done so much for us

  3. Andrew Cox

    I won the 60-second challenge and was able to get a TON of great fireworks! My kids were absolutely crazy when we saw everything I got! Thanks for making our July 4th so awesome!

  4. Dave Milliron

    Did not get selected for the 60 second challenge last year but got a lot of really great deals. The neighborhood loved the show. Looking forward to your opening and a shot at the 60 second challenge again this year.

  5. Buddy Hannon

    Started Shopping Yesterday with one of your 500GM Specials. Stoked to get back there and get the rest of our BOOM!

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