Staff Favorites

  • Drain Bamaged 200 gram cake

    Drain Bamaged

    Drain Bamaged is a fantastic 30 Shot 200g cake. The breaks are massive, with red dahlia with white glitter, lemon dahlia with gold glitter, the bright vivid pigeon blood red with sky blue and crackling.

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  • Back Off

    Back Off

    Back off is one of our most popular 25 shot cakes. It fires 15 big colorful breaks in succession, and then finishes with an accelerated 10 shot rapid fire finale. A must for any home fireworks show.

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  • Back Yard Hero

    Back Yard Hero

    You will definitely be the Back Yard Hero with this kit! This monumental pack has 9 tubes, 85 shells, and 129 breaks for HOURS worth of entertainment.

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  • Hard Core Pyro Mortar Artillery Shells

    Hard Core Pyro

    This is truly some Hard Core Pyro! This behemoth from Cutting Edge packs in 60 Single, Double, and Triple Break Shells along with 6 launch tubes.

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  • Fish out of water Fountain

    Fish Out of Water

    Fish out of Water definitely has some of the most breath taking colors on the market. The effects almost look as if it is colored lava flowing from the fountain. Beautiful reds, greens, gold, blues, purple with golden fish. Simply amazing.

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  • Folds of Honor Fountain

    Folds of Honor Fountain

    Together, Pyrospot Fireworks and World Class Fireworks will donate $10 from every Folds of Honor Firework sold to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

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  • Unrestrained Freedom 500 gram finale cake

    Unrestrained Freedom

    Unrestrained Freedom is one of the top three Finale cakes that I sell. Watch the video and I’m sure that you’ll understand why.

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  • Pharaohs fortune 500 gram cake

    Pharaohs Fortune

    The cake is a rewrap of “OpenFire”, the first 500g cake that blew my socks off. THIS CAKE got me into the Fireworks business.

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  • Stuntin 500 gram finale


    Stuntin’ is an amazing Finale cake that features a “Z” firing sequence interspaced with volleys of shots fired vertically. Watch the video, drool, then wait in line to pick it up!

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  • Firearm

    You will not be disappointed in these shells. I’ve you’ve never purchased canister shells before, this kit will astound you.

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  • Deadly Wings 200 gram cake

    Deadly Wings

    Deadly Wings has the most impressive shots I’ve seen in a 200g cake. Don’t pass this one up.

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  • Lightning Strike 200 gram cake

    Lightning Strike

    Dollar for dollar, this is probably one of the best values that I carry. The breaks and effect quality will definitely impress.

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