Staff Favorites

  • Beach Pride

    Beach Pride

    Beach Pride is an amazing 165 shot zipper cake from World Class Fireworks. It’s one of our premiere finales, and will leave the crowd cheering. It features multiple volleys of rapid fire shots of colored pearls with gold tails fired in […]

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  • Selfie Moment

    Selfie Moment

    Selfie Moment is a great mid sized fountain from World Class Fireworks, and similar to an old favorite fountain of mine from Brothers Fireworks called Pure Fantasy. It’s got vivid colors with lots of crackle that reaches about 6′ high. […]

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  • Amazing – 500 Gram Fountain

    Amazing – 500 Gram Fountain

    Amazing is part of a trio of amazing fan fountains from Cutting Edge Fireworks. Lasting more than two minutes, this is a premiere 500 gram fountain, featuring amazing colors and effects. The fountain fires in a fan shape, gradually expanding […]

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  • Believe 3 Inch Shot Cake


    Believe is a new 3 Inch Shot Finale from World Class Fireworks. The shots in this 3 Inch cakes travel higher and break louder than any of the other cakes, reaching up to 300′ in the air before erupting in massive […]

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  • Exodus Fountain


    Exodus is Part of a trio of amazing fan fountains from Cutting Edge Fireworks. Lasting more than two minutes, this is a premiere 500 gram fountain!

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  • T-Rex 500g cake


    T-Rex is the monster that it should be, and another favorite from the World Class Fireworks demo. It features 47 Shots of Silver whistling tail to red glitter and silver chrysanthemum, silver whistling tail to blue star and silver chrysanthemum, […]

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  • Sweet Dreams 500g cake

    Sweet Dreams

    This cake truly is Sweet Dreams, and was one of my favorites last year. This cake fires 6 shots at a time, and is a sky filling BOOMER!

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  • Rapacious 500g cake


    Rapacious is a fantastic new finale from Cutting Edge Fireworks that lasts over one minute long. The great effects and big breaks will astound you.

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  • Loyalty 500g cake


    Loyalty is a 28 shot beauty, with impressive effects. Each volley features a mine, a beautiful comet with a thick gold tail, and a large break. This cake has plenty of red, white, and blue effects to welcome our independence. […]

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  • Keeping it Real 500g Cake

    Keeping it Real

    Keeping it Real is a new 158 Shot “Z” cake from Cutting Edge rocks! It fires it’s multicolor effects in a Z pattern, and then finished with a giant six shot finale spread! The effects include 1:Multi-colorful peony;2:Whistling tail;3:Gold glitter tail […]

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  • CE DC 500g Cake

    CE DC

    CE DC is a new favorite from Cutting Edge Fireworks. CE DC has 30 shots, firing angled volleys of five shots at a time, with sparkling mines and silver tailed shells with impressive breaks.

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  • Hungry 200g cake


    Hungry is one of our most popular 25 shot cakes. It fires 15 big colorful breaks in succession, and then finishes with an accelerated 10 shot rapid fire finale. A must for any home fireworks show.

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