• Beach Pride

    Beach Pride

    Beach Pride is an amazing 165 shot zipper cake from World Class Fireworks. It’s one of our premiere finales, and will leave the crowd cheering. It features multiple volleys of rapid fire shots of colored pearls with gold tails fired in […]

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  • Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

    Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

    Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave has 20 massive shots of Brocade, Glitter with strobing, and Waterfall. It’s the best Waterfall effect I’ve seen in a consumer cake, and a spectacular new addition to our collection. These breaks and […]

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  • Patriotism


    Patriotism has HUGE breaks of colored brocade and strobe. The breaks are not as large as our 3″ shots, but are VERY impressive for a 16 shot cake. The strobing effect is the perfect background for the colorful breaks, and […]

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  • Flyover


    Flyover features 9 enormous 2″ shots that will rock your world! These goliath shots reach more than 150′ into the air before breaking, and truly fill the sky with color and sound. The amazing breaks include three shots each of brocade […]

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  • 1776 Fountain

    1776 Fountain

    The 1776 fountain is a BEAST of a fountain from Cutting Edge Fireworks. Lasting more than two minutes, this is a premiere 500 gram fountain, featuring amazing colors and effects. The fountain fires in a fan shape, gradually expanding until […]

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  • Free Flyin

    Free Flyin

    Free Flyin rocks the sky with 16 giant breaks of brocade. Each shot is impressive, with colored pearls, big silver tails, and dragon eggs as an added bonus to get the crowds attention. This is another cake where the breaks […]

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  • Midnight Madness

    Midnight Madness

    Midnight Madness is a long lasting cake with great effects from Cutting Edge Fireworks. It features big colorful breaks with colored pearls and glitter or strobes. It also has several shots with big full comets fired simultaneously with colorful breaks […]

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  • Back Yard Preview

    Back Yard Preview

    The Back Yard Preview app is a FREE app that allows you to view the performance video of nearly any World Class, Boomer, and Cutting Edge firework. It’s your chance to see it before you buy it, and the perfect app to have when shopping at Pyrospot Fireworks.

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