• Mr Bigger 500 gram cake

    Mr Bigger

    I love the mines. I love the crackle. I love the label. I love everything about this cake!

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  • Power Zone 300 gram cake

    Power Zone

    This was our bestselling 200 gram cake last year! It fires three shots at a time in a “W” formation, and really fills the sky.

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  • Pride and Joy

    Pride and Joy

    The baby packs a wallop, and is definitely a Pride and Joy for us. A premium 200 gram cake from Cutting Edge.

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  • Bonus Program

    Bonus Program

    Pyrospot Fireworks offers the BEST Bonus Program around.

    Check out our competitors and you’ll agree that we ALWAYS offer MORE FREE FIREWORKS with your purchase.

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  • Folds of Honor

    Folds of Honor

    Pyrospot Fireworks has partnered with World Class Fireworks, the premier manufacturer and importer of consumer fireworks in the U.S., to honor the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and to give back to those who have sacrificed so much.

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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow

    The Black Widow mortar kit is the end all, beat all, mother of loudness when it comes to Artillery Shells / Mortars.

    This kit contains 24 massive reloadable 60 gram canisters with 24 different special effects. The shell easily goes over 150 feet into the air and breaks in big, loud, beautiful effects.

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  • Unfair Advantage

    Unfair Advantage

    Unfair Advantage is one of the best 500 gram multi shot cakes I’ve ever seen. Not one of the best cakes I carry, but one of the best cakes I’ve ever seen. Period.

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  • snake charmer

    Snake Charmer

    Snake Charmer is a 60 shot finale cake is very impressive, with the best crackling comets of any cake I carry.

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  • Truckin Home 500 gram cake

    Truckin Home

    This 119 shot monster is a long time favorite. Trucking Home is the definition of a “Finale Cake”.

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  • Gorilla Warfare 500 gram cake

    Gorilla Warfare

    This cake has been our top-selling 500 gram cakes since it came out in 2012. Don’t miss out on this one, you’ll be sorry you did.

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  • Awareness – Helping to Fight Breast Cancer

    Awareness – Helping to Fight Breast Cancer

    At Pyrospot Fireworks, we’d like to help raise Breast Cancer awareness, and hopefully a few dollars along the way, Pyrospot Fireworks has once again partnered with Jakes Fireworks, the premier manufacturer and importer of World Class Fireworks in the U.S., to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

    Don’t let cancer steal second base.

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