3 Inch Shot Cakes

Our 3 Inch Shot Cakes Shake the Earth!

Choose from our fantastic 3 Inch Shot Cakes below and build your perfect fireworks show. These cakes fire 3 Inch shots with breaks that can go up to 300′ into the air. These are the LARGEST consumer shells you can legally purchase.

We hand select our 3 Inch Shot Cakes from the best fireworks available, including products from World Class, Cutting Edge, Brothers Fireworks, Boomer, Megabanger, and more.

Click on the video of any of our 3 Inch Shot Cakes below to see them in action, or click the [> Read More] button to expand the item and see additional details.


Believe is a new 3 Inch Shot Finale from World Class Fireworks. The shots in our 3 Inch cakes travel higher ...
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Bomb Shell

Bomb Shell is a great mix of 2" and 3" shells, with eight two inch shots and four three inch ...
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Implode is basically a rewrap of the fantastic Brothers Fireworks "Whacky Tobacky" cake. One of my favorite 3" cakes ...
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